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Radio Photo Gallery               Instructions

Model #FSH-249

Plug in rechargeable flashlight AM/FM radio siren. Hold flashlight with 5 super bright LED lights or set the flashlight on table for 6 super bright LED lights. Fully charging flashlight radio allows for hours of use. Built in speaker. Charge by plugging flashlight radio into wall socket. Overload protection. Wrist strap.

Master Pack: 30   Master Pack Weight: 30lbs

Master Pack Carton: 19'' X 9'' X 18''

Gift Box Carton: 8.5'' X 3.5'' X 3''

UPC: 051932002495

Model #SR-15

Water resistant rubber gasket construction. Fantastic for emergency kit to protect from bad weather. Perfect for high humidity areas like the bath, shower, or beach. Carry on your shoulder or hang from a towel bar with hanging rope included. Uses 3 “AA” batteries (not included). Measures 5” W x 3 ½” D x 1 ½” H

Master Pack: 50   Master Pack Weight: 24lbs

Master Pack Carton: 23'' X 14'' X 11''

Gift Box Carton: 6'' X 4.25'' X 2''

UPC: 051932000156

Model #R-127

AM/FM Radio with Weather Band. Great for emergency or listening for weather in your area. LED light, Rod antenna, carrying strap and power light. Uses 2 ''AAA'' batteries (not included).

Master Pack: 60   Master Pack Weight: 28lbs

Master Pack Carton: 16'' X 9'' X 10''

Gift Box Carton: 3'' X 4.5'' X 1''

UPC: 051932001276

Model #FMC-2700S

Latest design with double adjustable headband to stay on your head securely. Silver color. Short whip antenna. Full size adjustment. Uses 2 ''AA'' batteries (not included).

Master Pack: 40   Master Pack Weight: 31lbs

Master Pack Carton: 28'' X 13'' X 16''

Gift Box Carton: 6.5'' X 2.5'' X 3''

UPC: 051932027009

Model #R-194T

Folds up to look like flip open cellular phone. Swings open to reveal the eight digit LCD display calculator. Powerful AM/FM radio, too. Headphone jack. See-thru blue color.

Master Pack: 100   Master Pack Weight: 32lbs

Master Pack Carton: 20'' X 11'' X 14''

Gift Box Carton: 5'' X 2'' X 2''

UPC: 051932301949

Model #S-820

Listen to your portable audio device just as you would on a portable radio through two speakers. Internal storage for cord to plug into the headphone jack on your device. See through lid swings open to form a stand to hold the speakers upright and folds up to fit into your pocket. Uses two ''AA'' batteries (not included). White with black trim.

Master Pack: 100   Master Pack Weight: 35lbs

Master Pack Carton: 14'' X 11'' X 21''

Gift Box Carton: 5'' X 3.5'' X 1''

UPC: 051932008206